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Top Features of The Solid Wood Crib

Wood Crib1

When the child is infancy, most of the time is spent in the crib. This prompts every parent to hope to have an ideal all-solid wood crib for their children. The preparation of the baby starts earlier than when it is born. Some parents even start to create the baby’s world before the baby is born, the so-called nursery. The most important aspect of the nursery is the crib. Because for a baby, the crib is the world he needs to stay for two to three years. There is no doubt that it must be perfect in terms of safety and comfort. Therefore, wooden cribs have always been more favored by parents than plastic cribs due to its durability and robustness. These are some of the encouraging features of the solid wood crib, which makes it the first choice for your small crib.

High-quality natural materials

The solid wood crib is made of some high-quality wood. This material is natural and completely safe for children. The Green Cradle offers the entire product, including the structure and mattresses made entirely of natural materials. Unlike plastic cribs, wooden cribs will not chip or emit harmful chemicals.

Crib slats

The slats or railings on the side of the crib play an important role in the safety of children. When children play and move in the crib, children’s hands, legs or head may get stuck in a pole that is too wide and cause injuries. Therefore, the distance between these side bars in the solid wood crib must not exceed 2 3/8 inches.


When parents hear about solid wood cribs, their first thought is its sharp corners and edges. They are afraid of scratching the baby, but don’t be afraid. The corners and edges of these solid wood cribs have been beautifully and carefully trimmed. These cribs have fewer bolts and screw connections. This makes them safer compared to all other options for children over a few months. After a few months, the children began to crawl. They even get support from the edge of the crib. When your child is playing in the crib, you don’t have to worry about the sharp edges scratching the child. This is a good thing.

Adjustable design

The solid wood cribs are all designed to be adjustable. At the beginning, the top of the crib’s fence was only a few inches from the mattress. However, as the child grows, you need to increase the length of the crib and the height of the fence over time. The design of solid wood cribs now allows you to lower the height of the mattress according to actual needs. This will help make room for the child.

strong and sturdy

Children’s energy is very abundant, if they do not sleep, children are always full of energy and constantly jumping. Although the plastic crib will break, wrap or shake with the passage of time, under the constant toss of the children, the service life is greatly reduced. The solid wood crib is unparalleled in durability. Its durability is very powerful, and you can take the test of time. Wood provides a solid foundation for the crib and can be used for life with minimal maintenance.

The role of the crib is unquestionable, but a good crib is really hard to find. The solid wood crib is a good furniture that can help parents save worry and effort.