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A design idea for babies room

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babies room

Design Ideas for baby’s Room

The advantage of designing children’s rooms is that they usually don’t care much about design and decoration. The kids just want a good place to play! However, as children grow up, they are usually more and more interested in choosing their own style. This is why it is a good idea to make the design generic enough to change the style throughout a child’s life. Today, in the Ellecor Interior Design Blog, we will provide some suggestions for designing children’s rooms.

Multifunctional furniture

Plan for the future and choose multifunctional furniture for your child’s room. Furniture with a timeless style is easier to use at all stages of a child’s life. For example, the platform bed will not be outdated. You can always let the kids choose their favorite cartoon characters for their bedspreads and bed sets, because they are easy to replace. Multifunctional furniture can also meet the overall aesthetic needs of your home, allowing you to choose to use it in other rooms in the future.

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multiple colour

Your child may say that their favorite color is yellow, but this does not mean that you should paint their room in this way. Tomorrow their favorite color may be blue! Choose something neutral, such as a medium blue or gray tone. You can always paint accent walls with brighter, child-friendly colors. By using neutral tones and some bright pops that are appropriately placed, you can create a great kid-friendly space that will be easier to change as your child grows.

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Let them play with toys crazy

The main thing your child really cares about is the toys in their room. Posters and other wall accessories are easy to replace, so let them choose something they like. It is their room after all, so you want it to feel like your own special space. After playing with the toys, don’t forget to add some shelves and extra storage space for the toys.

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